Welcome to the website of family van den Brink

We specialize in the discovering and training of talented showjumpers. We sell many horses each year to various levels of riders. As you can see from the pictures, our facility is efficient and tidy. We have 25 stalls, nice grooming areas, a bright indoor and a new outdoor.

The quality, standards and dedication at our facility is very high, making our showjumpers well-schooled and capable athletes.

Our farm is situated in the central part of the Netherlands, near the city of Amersfoort. This is less than 60 minutes from the Amsterdam Airport by car. Visit our Contact page for detailed route instructions.


Very successful Outdoor Wierden 2019


Dennis van den Brink was very successful at Outdoor Wierden 2019. He almost won the 1.45m Grand Prix. Frasier (by Carambole) was the fastest in the jump-off, but got an unlucky fault.

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New succesful duo - Baronescha and Cian O'Connor


The rider change for Baronescha from Nicola Pohl to Cian O'Connor has already delivered a 4th and 5th prize in a ranking class. Baronescha, sold in 2018, jumps sublime with the Irish rider.

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Amazing start at Jumping Schröder Tubbergen


Dennis van den Brink has an excellent start at Jumping Schröder Tubbergen. He won a 1st and 2nd prize with El Greco and Aonia Domain on the openings day.

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